Clean is Cool!
What is it?
The cülie is the world’s first smart waste bin that uses anti-decomposition technology to actively halt decay of organic products. This means no rotting and no smell in exchange for very little energy.
Petal Incorporated was co-founded by two aerospace engineers Brian and Primoz, who left their rocket science careers to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.
The cülie creates a cleaner, happier, and healthier home. Spend less time cleaning your kitchen waste bins and eliminate expensive bag refills for diaper pails.
Everyone on the planet has to deal with organic kitchen waste not to mention new parents who also have to deal with dirty diapers. We believe the cülie can be used in every home and business on the planet.
One (1) cülie at the lowest price in your choice of finish, either stainless steel or white. Order the Duo package and get two (2) cülies in your choice of finishes.
When it is available for purchase, we will update you!
Brian conceived of the cülie after wondering if there was a way to eliminate the smell of compost. This brilliant smart-technology was a result. It happens to work amazingly on diapers as well!.
The co-founders originally met at university where Primoz worked and Brian was a graduate student.
Our alpha prototype was hacked together from an old minifridge. We maticulously experimented with the optimization algorithms and determined how to prevent the most decay with the least amount of energy. We designed our sensor boards and hooked it up to a refrigerator with extra computer fans. The result was a remarkible technology that prevented decay, rotting and odors from garbage in the bin.

The cülie takes temperature, humidity and organic compound measurements to determine what type of waste is in the bin, and uses computer learning and AI to optimize the tempurature and humidity parameters to eliminate the decay (determined by the reduction of the organic compounds in the internal atmosphere)

The bin also connects with the network to determine the most efficient way to adjust the internal atmosphere. It tracks when your pin is full and reminds you to empty it through a simple notification! This is not only useful when determining how much you are saving the environment, but it is more energy efficient when it is not full to the brim!

Simply dispose of the waste as per your municipal or city guidelines…
Simply toss those soiled diapers out with the rest of your trash.

No. The cülie was designed around the common grocery bag. There is also a bagless option. For kitchen use, simply put in any plastic bag of your choice and you’re ready to go. Check with your municipality as some locations require you to use compostable bags.

For diapers, simply use any bag that fits in the cülie with or without the bin.

The cülie typically holds up to a week’s worth of food scraps.

The cülie holds up 40 newborn diapers with the bin, or up to 60 newborn diapers without a bin or about of a week of diapers.

Fast, easy, and clean. Simply pull the bag out of the cülie.

Many municipalities and cities across North America are moving to institute green bin programs where residents are required to sort their organic kitchen waste from their regular waste. This creates an issue with foul odors, pests, mold, and the dreaded garbage juice. Many people decide not to participate in these programs because of these nuisances.

The cülie helps with these programs by creating a better user experience for everyone.

The cülie’s attractive design fits comfortably in most homes and even in small spaces.

For the initial product launch, the cülie will come in one size that fits the needs of most homes. The cülie has a base footprint of 13.5 x 12.5 inches and a height of 25 inches.

The bin has a volume of 12 L or 3.2 Gallons.

The cülie is offered in either a stainless steel or white finish.
The cülie weighs approximately 30 lbs.
The cülie uses a combination of springs and dampers to smoothly open and close the lid. The springs assist in the opening of the lid, and the dampers keep the lid from slamming shut.
The cülie has rubber feet so that it won’t scratch your floor or slide when you push down on the pedal.
The cülie plugs into a standard North American 110-120 Volt outlet.
No! The cülie is very quiet and operates around 30-32 dB – the range of a whisper.


Based on real world tests that the cülie team has performed, the cülie uses around 23 KWh of power per month at the highest power setting. This translates to around $2.50 per month depending your jurisdiction. The costs will vary based on your jurisdiction, temperature settings, and other factors.

Production cülies are expected to have lower operating costs as manufacturing quality is improved over the prototypes.

The energy use was based on real-world performance testing using a certified power meter on the beta 3.0 cülies.
The cülie is patents pending worldwide. We vigorously enforce intellectual property rights.
The cülie will be certified to all appropriate North American standards by a trusted third party lab – in particular UL 250 pertaining to household refrigerators and freezers or derivatives.
The cülie has a dampened lid that softens the force on closing. The gasket is also soft. We are also adding a guard for the push rods, but it was not ready for the video.
The cülie is compatible with flexible child safety locks.
The cülie is simple to setup. Simply plug it in, put a bag in the bin, and you’re ready to go.
The cülie was designed to be maintenance free. You may want to occasionally vacuum the front and rear airways for optimal performance.
The cülie bin is dishwasher safe. The inside of the cülie can be wiped down with common household cleansers using a soft cloth or paper towels. The metal body can be cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner or glass cleaner. The gasket in the lid is removable/replaceable.
No. The cülie was designed for indoor use only.
Production will begin soon!
The cülie only ships to customers in the USA and Canada. It will not be certified for other jurisdictions until a later date.
Shipping will be $25 USD for everyone in the USA and Canada for the single unit. Order the duo package and both units will ship for $40 USD. For bulk orders, please contact us.
Yes. The cülie will ship with a 12-month warranty.
We are not able to refund orders or pledges once they have shipped.
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